Wrong haircut? 5 ideas to remedy

Do you have a wrong haircut, or you don't like it anyway? Don’t despair. First of all look for an experienced hairdresser, like those of the hairdressing salon team in Florence Pistolesi Group and try to consider these options together! 

1. Length: if the cut you don't like is of medium length, the simplest solution is to switch to a short cut: from bob to pixie cut, a good hairdresser will find the one best suited to your face and your traditional habits, even if you've never dared to cut so much! 
2. Color: if the cut you don't like is already short, an idea is to change the color of your hair (this will shift the focus of attention) or to opt for a balayage to give a play of lights on the locks and mask an excessive layered 
3. Styling: the key word is "movement". On smooth hair, waves and curls are able to radically transform the appearance of the cut. 
4. Accessories: hair clips, hairpins, hair bands can transform a short cut at no cost and adapt it to your tastes and your physiognomy. 
5. Extension: if you really don't "see" yourself with short hair, the only solution, waiting to grow back, is to apply extensions… after all, why not?

Do not forget hat often a "wrong" haircut it is only the result of a misunderstanding between client and hairdresser: remember the things you never have to ask a hairdresser!