Wellness is a lifestyle: Philip Martin’s natural products

Before leaving for the holidays, book an appointment with your hairdresser in Florence, Pistolesi Group hairdressing salon, and try Philip Martin’s products®: “to be pure” is the motto of this company and its philosophy is a passion for nature, combined with attention to health.

All the products are natural, with ingredients of organic origin, without nickel and without formaldehyde, for hair, face and body, all made in Italy.

 Philip Martin’s products® are: hair care (shampoos, masks, special treatments) and skin care, with certified organic ingredients (the Jojoba Oil, the Essence of Orange of Calabria, the Aloe from Italian farming, the Mediterranean Olive Oil and the Moringa Oleifera Extract…), combined with non-toxic chemical substances to obtain products that enhance and improve the quality and beauty of hair and skin.  
And for those who go on vacation, an extra convenience: it is now available Philip Martin’s products® new travel format 75 ml!