Vegheggi detoxifying massage for a very new skin

A perfect hairstyle shines even more on a bright face: Pistolesi Group it's not just a hair salon, it is also Vagheggi beauty institute, where to rely on the expert hands of our operators for a regenerating wellness treatment for face and body. 

Pistolesi Group beauty salon uses Vagheggi exclusive phyto cosmetics products for face and body, which anticipated the birth of a "green" sensibility in the world of cosmetics: since the 70s, in fact, Vagheggi has chosen to rely on natural raw materials for beauty treatments, always guaranteeing very high levels of safety and skin tolerability (emollients and emulsifiers are of vegetable origin too). 
So, to cleanse you skin of toxins and prepare for the summer, you can offer yourself a detoxifying water treatment at Pistolesi Group Vagheggi beauty salon: you close your eyes and let yourself go to the relaxation of a detoxifying marine massage, with Amazonian sand and Amazonian clay to eliminate impurities and obtain a total body scrub, sweetened by a fine mixture of butters which will leave your skin regenerated, soft and velvety.