Tie-dye: the sun in your hair

Tie-dye is the solution to get the highlights even now that the summer holidays are over.  

Tie-dye is a particular type of balayage, which consists in lightening the locks and the tips in a nuanced manner (not to be in contrast with natural hair color), without intervening on the roots: the result is a very natural highlights effectIs everyone fine with tie-dye?
Tie-dye is good for all hair colors, they must be long or of medium length, in order to get a good natural effect.
It should be avoided only with short hair, because the effect would be only that of an evident regrowth under the color! Precisely because the roots are not bleached, tie-dye on long or medium-long hair guarantees a very good result even after some time. To valorize at most tie-dye the advice is to keep the hair loose and a little wavy, hydrating the tips with special oil.