Sparkling holidays with glitter for hair

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to try a look literally…shining.


Next to the classic glitter roots, where glitters are applied to the base of your hair, along the parting (they are perfect also to disguise regrowth!), new more trends are taking place: so here’s the glitter hair, whole locks covered with glitters, or the glitter balayage, a balayage in which the lightening effect is enhanced by the application of glitter on your hair, also on all the locks. But, once the holidays are finished, how to remove the glitter?The methods are essentially two: you can put the hair spray on the glitters until they become opaque or apply for about ten minutes an oil mask on your hair (olive oil or sweet almond oil are perfect). Then, in both cases, you can wash your hair with warm water and mild shampoo.