SOS hair after fitness

After gym or jogging, your hair need shampoo and hairstyle… but what can you do if it is not possible, maybe because you have only one hour for your fitness at lunchtime?


 Here are 5 tips for hair after fitness, when you don't have time to do your hairstyle again. 
1.    First of all, better prevention than cure: it is important to do everything before training, so that your hair gets dirty as little as possible. A good trick is to spray a little dry shampoo, especially on the hairline, so that it absorbs sweat. 
2.    It is equally important to keep your hair tied during training, in a queue or with a bandana, so that they do not come into contact with the sweaty neck and forehead. 
3.    Among the last-minute solutions to arrange your hair after fitness, there is the sea salt spray which gives the hair that soft and rebellious effect of a day spent at the sea: the formulation with alcohol also helps to evaporate sweat. 
4.    Fringe and locks on the face can be rinsed and dried quickly after training, drying them with a touch of cold hair dryer. 
5.    And if you really can't do without shampoo, here is the solution: add gel to wet hair and tie them in a low ponytail (if they are long enough) or in any case model them backwards, with the help of colored pegs or hairpins.