Reading at the hairdresser's: History of hair

Are you looking for the “right” novel to read while the expert hands of the hairdressers of Pistolesi Group, a beauty salon in Florence, take care of your hair?


Then try with History of hair, by the Argentinian writer Alan Pauls (the second book, after History of crying, of a trilogy of independent novels about the 70s in Argentina).

The protagonist is addicted to hair. But he’s scared of losing it, or of putting it in the wrong hands. Three characters accompany him throughout this story: Celso, a great Paraguayan hairdresser, who one day disappears without trace; Monti, a radical and untrustworthy friend who turns up every now and then from the past; a war veteran, who returns to Buenos Aires from Europe and survives by selling drugs. And at the heart of the story the mysterious fate of a stolen wig. 

A black comedy, set in the darkest years of Argentina’s history.