Pistolesi Hair Salon: be fit for the summer!

Are you ready for the swimsuit test? If it seems to you that the strict diet is not enough and you want to lose few extra pounds and eliminate cellulite, all you have to do is book an appointment with Pistolesi Group, which is also a beauty center in Florence for Vagheggi prestigious brand. 

Let yourself be lulled by Vagheggi body treatments, combining specially designed cosmetic products and professional massage, for a perfect silhouette for the summer! 
If your problem is primarily cellulite, you can choose Terra Bandage (three treatments in one session), Terra Cellulite Bandage or Terra Cellulite Wraps (a hot pack particularly suitable for compact cellulite, combined with massage): different treatments for each type of cellulite, that combine the strength of the massage with the draining action of the bandage or wrap. 

To remodelling body shapes, here are two treatments against the imperfections of thighs, buttocks, fat:
 ·         “DL Dioriti” is a shock treatment able to fight cellulite, stretch marks and fat, thanks to the diorite massage, an igneous rock. The diorites spontaneously release heat and remineralising active principles, making the skin more toned.  
·         “Acqua Riducente” is a treatment that combines a specific skin activation massage with the active ingredients of unpolluted Antarctic waters: it is a reducing treatment on the roundness of the waist, hips, abdomen and buttocks.