Pink hair: who looks good

Pink is the new blonde: if you want to change your look, at your next appointment, ask to Pistolesi, Hair Salon in Florence, pink hair dye.


Pink hair is now an established trend in hair styling: they are glamorous, they do not go unnoticed and, above all, in the infinite shades of… pink, they can create a more romantic or more aggressive look. But who's pink hair look good? The answer could be: to each her own pink! It mainly depends on the natural color of the hair and the skin tone: on blond or light brown hair, with fair skin, it is best to choose a pastel pink or light pink tint.On darker hair a mauve color is better, daring - if you want - to the shades of purple. For a dark skin, a hot pink, with golden or peach shades, is perfect. Pink color on curly hair? Of course yes! Just be aware that frequent maintenance with high quality products will be necessary for a perfect result.