Perfect eyebrows: the right shape for the face

Not just hair! Why not give us an eyebrow treatment directly in the beauty salon? Just as every face has its "ideal" hairstyle, there is also the right eyebrow shape based on the face: 

1.    Curved eyebrows: they are suitable for faces with marked features (square jaw, prominent cheekbones…). An example? Angelina Jolie! 
2.    Arched eyebrows: they remember the shape of the seagull's wings, they are one of the forms of eyebrows suitable for all faces, with some adaptations. For a round face a more accentuated arch is better; for an oval face a softer bow. The arched eyebrows are not recommended instead with square features. 
3.    Straight eyebrows: in the collective imagination will always remain those of Audrey Hepburn, with her doe eyes… They adapt particularly to an elongated face and a high forehead. 
4.    Thick or thin eyebrows? Here too, the features and the shape of the eyes make the difference. With delicate features and small eyes, better to choose thin eyebrows. Thick eyebrows, as those of Cara Delevingne, are good for those with square features and large eyes. 

And now you just have to book an appointment at Pistolesi Group, beauty salon in Florence, to look…like a star!