Nail polish at the sea: how to keep it perfect

Water, salt, sand… to have a perfect manicure at the sea you need some extra tricks. 

Fist of all, water tends to make your nails swell, they resume their shape when they dry but at that point your nail polish splinters. To limit this inconvenience it’s better to use a nail gel. At the sea, but also in the pool, it would be better to avoid reconstructed nails: with salt and chlorine, in fact, the glue melts and you risk losing them! If you don't want to give up nail reconstruction, inform your beautician that you intend to go to the beach or to the pool so that she can at least apply specific protective products. If your nails turn yellow in the sun, you can apply a sunscreen nail polish.
But be careful not to come into contact with the sunscreens you use for the body, because the oils they contain can damage it.At the sea it is preferable to keep the nails short, easier to manage and healthier, because sand and salt put the most beautiful manicure to the test!