Let's cut it off: dare with the undercut

With that boldly punk air, undercut is more and more fashionable, and not just among “wayward” young girls.

What does undercut hair mean? Undercut consists of shaving(more or less radically) the hair on the lower part of the head, generally at ear height. If the rest of the hair is left long enough, and if shaving is not radical, the undercut is seen only when hair is gathered high.The sidecut is a close and more daring relative of the undercut, that is the shaving of the hair on the sides: in this case it is not really possible to hide the shaved part.
Who suits well? Certainly, not to all: it is a hairstyle that highlights the nape, the ears and the neck, therefore any defects such as sticking out ears will certainly not go unnoticed.
Conversely, if you want to show off a splendid new tattoo on the nape, undercut is certainly the ideal cut.Hair stylists also recommend the undercut with straight hair, because it is much easier to manage and the regrowth naturally falls on the shaved part. The undercut with curly hair risks to create a "balloon" effect. Undercut and face shape: which is the most suitable?
The undercut tends to accentuate the features, so it doesn't look good on a square, triangular or too full face.Undercut is definitely a hairstyle full of personality, but bold and that, above all, does not allow for second thoughts: it will take about a year to bring the hair back to the same length after the undercut.If despite this you are still determined to try, what are you waiting for to make an appointment with the fantastic team of hair stylists at Pistolesi Group, hairdresser in central Florence?