How to make dye last in the summer

The long-awaited holidays arrive, before leaving you indulge in a relaxing session in your favorite hairdressing salon in Florence: ask Pistolesi Group team for a jaunty cut for the holidays… but the hair color?

It is known that the sun, the saltiness, the wind leave hair dry and brittle.
And if you've done a dye before you leave, the color will tend to clear up much faster.
Is it worth dyeing your hair before going to the beach? Of course yes, provided you use some tricks:

  • since the lightening effect is in part inevitable, you can ask for a shade of a darker shade than what you would normally do;
  •       you can use shampoo and specific treatments for colored hair. Since hair is washed every day at sea, this is a must;
  • choose only top quality dyes, which can also protect your hair from the sun;
  • use a protective oil especially on the tips.

 Alternatively, you can always choose a temporary coloring, which lasts 2-3 weeks ... just the time to change the look for the holidays!