Helmet and hair: 5 tips

For those who rides a scooter or a motorcycle, the helmet - indispensable accessory for Safety – unfortunately is not exactly a friend for the hair, also cause of sweat, it “squeezes” them ruining your hairstyle. Let’s see 5 tips to protect your hair with a helmet.

1. Choose a suitable hairstyle for the helmet. A choppy haircut is perfect, not too long, and casual enough to not require to be combed: it will be fine …just shaking your head! 

2. Wearing a helmet with long hair is possible, the important thing is to tie them behind your neck with soft elastic. 

3. Do not use gel or hairspray before wearing your helmet: they could mix with sweat ruining still more your hairstyle, in addition to soil the helmet itself. 

4. You can wear a silk balaclava, or a bandana, to protect hair and prevent from electrify. 

5. You can choose a helmet with ventilation to limit sweating.