Hairstyles for humid weather: ideas and advice

Summer heat, unfortunately, means sweat and dirty hair faster than normal.
Let's discover some hairstyles suitable for the summer, to always have your hair in order.

Since sweat is inevitable, and indeed it is useful for our body, because it allows you to lower your body temperature faster, you have to make sure that the hair comes into contact as little as possible with sweat.The simplest solution is… make an appointment with Pistolesi Group, hairdresser in the center of Florence, before leaving for the holidays. And… cut it out! You may choose a bob, or even more boldly a pixie cut, to free the neck and neck, to feel fresh and light throughout the holiday.Don't you just want to give up long hair in the summer?
Then it is essential to keep them tied: choose clips, elastic bands, pliers and whatever you like; the most suitable hairstyle for the heat it's definitely a high chignon, but if you are in a hurry a rubber band will be enough to make a ponytail, or a clip to fix the hair behind the head.Other solutions for sweat-stained hair are hairdryer, at low temperature, to dry sweat from the head if you don't want to wash your hair again, or little dry shampoo applied to the skin: absorbs sweat from the scalp and can also be applied in advance.