Hairstyles for a wedding: ideas and advice

No, we're not talking about the bride, but of guests and bridesmaids: how to comb your hair for a wedding?

The first, inevitable rule, which applies to every aspect of the look and not just to combing, is to never "blur" the bride. So, in any case, no hairstyles or accessories too extravagant or showy. 
Yes instead to a collected hairstyle, for those with long hair, with a high chignon, that in summer weddings it leaves the neck uncovered and fresh.
But you can also leave long hair loose on your shoulders, embellished with bijoux accessories, while for medium lengths a light colored circle will make the perfect hairstyle for the most romantic bridesmaids. And for those with short hair? Here too, it is better to focus on softness: no gel or hairstyles too carved, but if you feel in a romantically vintage mood, and if you have dark hair, why not indulge in a mischievous kiss-curl? Alternatively, the solution always around the corner is called… extension! And of course the hair stylists at Pistolesi Group, hairdresser in the center of Florence, are waiting for you to give you their best advice for a wedding hairstyle!