Haircuts for a round face: 5 rules

If you are looking for a haircut suitable for a round face, remember 5 simple rules: 


1.    Asymmetry: to slim a round face you have to play on the asymmetry. The good solution is a side parting or a side tuft, which can go down to the cheekbone. 
2.    No fringe: the fringe, hiding the forehead, shortens the proportions of the face. If you want to mask an "important" front a fairly long side tuft is preferable.  
3.    Cover cheekbones and cheeks: another hairstyle to slim a round face is this: locks of hair that, on the front, fall on the cheeks, recreating an oval effect. 
4.    Softness: another key word is softness. Slightly wavy hair, or a scaled hair that gives volume, are perfect. Too geometrical and neat cuts are not suitable for a round face. 
5.    Length: to slim a round face, it is better to bet on a medium-long cut, which creates a vertical effect and allows you to play with the locks to reshape the oval. 

In the end, last but not least, the most important rule is to rely on the hands of a team of experienced hair stylists, like those of Pistolesi Group, women's hairdresser in Florence.