Hair with the middle part: 5 tips

A little '70s, a little schoolgirl… here is a timeless classic of hairstyles.But is the part in the middle good for everyone?

How to enhance our hairstyle with the middle part? Here are 5 tips. 
·         The middle part is the symmetrical hairstyle par excellence, and visually tends to lengthen the features: so yes to middle part with a round or oval face
·         Better to avoid the middle part with a high forehead, triangular or very elongated face (in these cases a side part will be able to visually donate the horizontality that is missing to the figure). 
·         The middle part can be made with any length and type of hair: long or short, smooth or wavy. The best results are obtained with thick hair.
·         Hair color is not very important, obviously the middle part with dark hair is noticeable much more. 
·         The accessories, that best match a hairstyle with the middle part, are the ones that, once again, call for symmetry: large and elongated earrings, or small clips or clips on both sides of the hairstyle.