Give it a rest: the pixie cut

Among the short haircuts, the pixie cut is one of the most popular, even among the stars.

What does it mean pixie cut? “Pixie cut” literally means “sprite haircut”, because this figure of fairy tales is often depicted as a small creature with short, messy hair. In fact, the pixie cut is a very short bob, more or less climbed on the neck and on the sides, which can be combed in a classic and sophisticated way (do you remember Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday?) but even frivolous and breezy.Pixie cut, with or without lock, regular or asymmetrical, is a short cut suitable for all occasions, it makes easier to manage wavy or curly hair, but it also helps to give volume to straight hair. It is easy to comb (or, depending on the occasions, it doesn’t matter to comb it at all!) the only care is to fix quite often the cut at the hairdresser, so that it does not lose its shape. Why don’t you ask for a pixie cut on your next visit to Pistolesi hair salon in Florence?