Fringe: yes or no?

The appointment with the hairdresser is booked: in a few days you’ll maybe comfortably sit at Pistolesi Group, Hair Salon in Florence, but now you’re thinking about your new hairstyle... How to choose the right fringe? Here 5 rules to enhance the face with fringe:


1) Rely on your hairdresser, who will identify the right fringe according to the shape of the face, of the eyes and of the nose. It is absolutely forbidden the do-it-yourself: you never have to cut or adjust the fringe on your own… the result would certainly be disappointing!

2) Which is the best fringe for your face shape? The right fringe can enhance any type of face.

The oval face shape is the most advantaged, but also a round or square face shape will be more harmonious with a curtain fringe, with fairly long lateral locks. 

3) How to maintain your fringe? First of all, avoid touching the fringe with your hands, because in this way the fringe gets dirty faster. If you have oily hair and/or oily skin, you can comb the fringe with a rounded effect, so that it remains a bit detached from the front.  

4) Fringe with curly hair? Of course yes! The cut must however be longer than normal, because after you have dried your hair the fringe will be considerably shorter. On the other hand, it is best to avoid the fringe with frizzy hair, but you can use the hair straightener or an anti-frizz product.

5) Is it possible to use the dry shampoo on the fringe? The dry shampoo is an “emergency” solution and it should not replace the regularly hair washing. However, the dry shampoo on the fringe is a perfect gimmick to degrease only those few locks of hair (but…don’t exaggerate!)