Diet for healthy hair: foods that strengthen hair

Dull, opaque, damaged hair? The health of our hair also changes from what we eat!Today we try to find out the nutrients and foods that are good for your hair!

 ·      Omega 3 fatty acids: all foods rich in Omega 3 (that our body does not produce autonomously) help to strengthen dull hair, making them brighter and prevent split ends. What are these foods? There are so many to choose from (and to taste): from salmon to walnuts, from avocado to linseed (you can add to the breakfast yogurt to soup or the salad).
·         Iron and zinc: hair loss can also be caused by an iron deficiency. The most iron-rich foods are legumes (in particular the lentils), the inevitable spinach and seafood (they are rich also in cholesterol, so it’s better not to abuse).·         Selenium: Once again, the nuts come to the aid being rich in selenium, as well as rice and eggs. Selenium is a great help to fight dandruff.
·         Vitamin C: Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, that moisturizes and protects the hair fiber, green light to delicious vegetables and fruits such as citrus fruits, blueberries, and kiwi.
·         Water: last but not least, drink plenty of water helps to keep the body, and then also the hair, properly hydrated!