Body Language of hair play

Touching hair is not always tied to a real need, like for example, re-ordering a lock ruffled by the wind or give relief to itching.


For body language touching hair often hides emotional meanings that change depending on the context. Let's find out together. 
·         Seduction. If a woman touches her hair in a romantic meeting, it can be a sign of seduction. Especially if she reveals the neck, an extremely sensual gesture.
·         Nervousness. It is one of the most frequent causes of touching one's hair, a way to combat anxiety and look for reassurances in a repetitive gesture made almost without thinking. 
·         Boredom. A wait that is prolonged, an uninteresting lesson… play with your hair, wrapping them around a finger, it can also be simply a symptom of boredom. 
·         Attention. Move the hair behind the ears, especially during an interview, can indicate concentration and attention to the words of the other person (for instance, towards a professor during an examination). 
·         Discomfort. Put your hair behind your ears, depending on the situation, can also indicate embarrassment and discomfort. 

For body language every gesture must also be interpreted in relation to the situation one lives. But one thing is certain: any hairdresser, as Pistolesi Group in Florence, it will remind you that the more we touch our hair with our hands, the easier they get dirty… increasing the feeling of not having them "in place"!