Anti-stain hand treatment: try it at Pistolesi Goup

Do hands show signs of age?
Come to Pistolesi Group, hairdresser and beauty salon in Florence, to try the new beauty treatment for hands by Mavex: Swiss research has developed an anti-stain treatment for the hands, based on edelweiss stem cells, which combines the most advanced cosmetic research with vegetable active ingredients of extraordinary purity.

You will have the pleasure to discover your renewed hands thanks to the exclusive plant complex ULTRABRIGHT BIO COMPLEX®, based on Swiss cress sprout extract and genistein, without parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oils or paraffin. 
You immediately notice:

  • softer and brighter hands
  • reduction of spots on the hands
  • hands hydrated in depth

Mavex anti-aging treatment for the hands effectively contrasts skin aging and

plays a powerful revitalizing effect in depth.