5 things you never have to ask the hairdresser!

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Have you ever thought about things you never have to say to the hairdresser?

Let's try to reflect ... and laugh about it!

1.“I just want a little cut”. Maybe you think the hairdresser will only cut an inch, while he could take more freedom… The right thing to say is: “ my Hair length is fine”. In this way, the hairdresser knows that he does not have to shorten the cut except for that couple of centimeters that represent the regrowth of about two months.

  1. “I'd like the fringe”. There are so many types of fringe that hairdresser does not yet know what you have in mind. The right thing to say is: Which fringe is good for my appearance? Or we could take another step back and ask ourselves: "Fringe yes or no?"
  1. "I would like the bob". As for the fringe, there are so many types of bob (with or without fringe, up to the shoulders or short), which is still like asking for nothing. Especially for the bob, it’s better to bring a picture of the bob you’d like; the hairdresser will understand at a glance what you want and he may suggest improvements so that the bob of your dreams adapts best to your face.

4. “I want to change my hairstyle”. For a hairdresser this often means choosing a short cut. But perhaps this is not your desire. Better to establish fixed points then: do you really want to decrease the length? Or do you just want to give more volume? Especially with long hair, a "simple" scaled cut can result in a big change.5.“I would like a simple hairstyle”. What does it mean “simple”? Shampoo and comb? 15 minutes of hairstyle are still "simple”? Tell the hairdresser what accessories for combing are used at home: only the comb? Round brush and hair dryer? In this way the hairdresser gets an idea of ​​how long the customer dedicates to styling at home.