Why short cut is called bob?

In Victorian England it was used to cut the hair of the tail to the working horses, for reasons of comfort: to bob was the verb for this practice.


At that time women would never cut their hair short. Even at the end of the nineteenth century, only few women – especially actresses –  "dared" a short haircut, which was considered improper. Things began to change during World War I, when for nurses engaged to the front short hair was certainly more practical.One of the first famous bob was that of the dancer Irene Castle: the haircut became so fashionable that women ran by barbers to ask for a “Castle’s bob” (for women hairdressers a similar request was unacceptable!) This is why short cut is called bob!Today, thankfully, times have changed… Pistolesi Group, women hairdressers in Florence, will be happy to suggest the most suitable short cut for you. Actually… the bob