The longest hair in the world

Huangluo is a remote village, in a mountainous area of Southern China, where the women of the Yao ethnic group cut their hair only once in a lifetime, at the age of 18: cut hair will be kept by their grandmother and then will be donated to the groom.

Yao women treat their long black hair simply washing with rice water, which strengthens and nourishes the hair.

Head of hair is gathered in a combing that symbolizes the woman’s social state: if a scarf hides the hair, it means that the woman is looking for a husband. Married women, however, use different hairstyles depending on whether they have children or not.Yao women's hair, treated in a natural way for the rest of their life, may also exceed two meters in length.

Photo by S.D.86 (Wikimedia Commons), licence CC BY-SA 3.0