Olaplex repair hair: for hair like a star!

At Pistolesi Group, hair salon in Florence, you can find Olaplex repair hair professional treatment.
Bye-bye split ends, coloring or straighteners damages!

Pistolesi’s coiffeur team, Olaplex certificate beauty salon, could individualize the most suitable treatment for your hair needs:

  • Restructuring treatment for damaged hair
  • Lighting treatment for colored hair
  • Regeneration of hair length

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron… There are many stars who have decided to rely on the excellence Olaplex’s products for hair reconstruction.

The Pistolesi’s Group Hair Stylist, with over 50 years of experience as lady’s hairdresser in Florence, are able to suggest the best regenerating treatments for you hair… really like a star!