Nail shape: to each her own!

Tell me what are the shapes of your nails… and I’ll tell you who you are.

Have you booked a manicure at Pistolesi Group, hair salon and beauty in Florence, and are you dreaming on how your nails will look like?


Whether you choose a manicure for natural nails, whether you rely on a nails reconstruction, here is the shape of the nails most suitable for any type of hands and natural nails!

  • Oval nails: a classic manicure. They look good on any type of hand and with any color.
  • Round nails: a simple manicure to achieve and maintain; being short, they are particularly suitable for those who, for work or other needs, want the convenience without sacrificing elegance.
  • Square nails: square nails are fine for hands with thin and long fingers; conversely, the hand would appear squatter. It's a manicure that requires frequent minor adjustments.
  • Stiletto nails and Almond nails: quite similar, these manicures are a more pointed variant of the classic oval. Perfect for a sexy look like a "lioness", they do not go unnoticed and combine well with flashy colors. As the square nails, however, they need constant maintenance, and can be uncomfortable depending on the daily activities.