Hair Dye and nickel allergy: what to do?

Allergy to nickel is one of the most widespread, especially among women. It is an allergy that develops "for accumulation", that is when the body has forfeited excessive amounts of nickel, which cannot dispose of.
The symptoms of allergy to nickel are the most various, from skin problems (as eczema, itch etc.) to gastrointestinal problems, tiredness and inflammation.

 The accumulation of nickel is not so infrequent, since this metal is found in many foods (from tomato to chocolate) and everyday products (detergents, cosmetics etc.). Once verified nickel allergy (through an outpatient allergy tests) it is necessary to eliminate this metal as possible from your diet and your daily habits (totally eliminate it is almost impossible, having regard to its diffusion). 
Does hair dye contain nickel? Unfortunately yes.Are there hair dyes Nickel free?
Not exactly.
A very minimal part of nickel remains, so we have to look into stores or pharmacies hair dye with this lettering: "tested to minimize the presence of nickel" or point out this issue to your trusted hairdresser. It will also help to minimize the symptoms of accumulation, avoiding as much as possible foods and other products containing high nickel for a couple of weeks before having an hair dye.