Hair and Zodiac: earth signs

January is traditionally the month dedicated to the reading of the horoscope for the New Year: let’s try to play with the zodiac to discover… Hair Horoscope for all zodiac signs!

Then, at your next appointment booked with Pistolesi Group, women’s hairdressers in Florence, have a good time and ask for a haircut suitable to your zodiac sign!

Hair horoscope: Taurus
Sensual and romantic, the Taurus woman will not give up long hair: to let loose on her shoulders, for a candlelight evening (and a delicious dinner too) or to keep tied in a comfortable ponytail. This is the perfect hairstyle for the sign of Taurus, for all the occasions (and they are many) where she likes to be practice. 

Hair horoscope: Virgo
Precise, neat, attentive to details: even in the choice of hairstyle the sign of Virgo will not afford to have even …a hair out of place! A long and smooth cut is the ideal, fast to comb (a Virgo sign has always a thousand other things to organize!) and easy to keep tidy. A Virgo woman with curly hair will not recur to a hair straighteners, she will prefer a more comfortable short cut.

Hair horoscope: Capricorn
Like all the earth signs, also the Capricorn is practical and concrete: a Capricorn woman will choose a hairstyle easy to manage, tidy but not trivial (a short cut or a choppy bob cut) because for her it is always important feeling fine, whether it be a business meeting or an evening with friends. 

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