Hair and the menstrual cycle: true or false?

Truths or dispelling myths? Here’s how hormonal changes occur in the monthly cycle can affect hair health.

1)  You should not wash your hair during your period.

FALSE. The gradual rise of progesterone, in the second phase of the period, determines an increased production of sebum, which makes hair look greasier at the roots. The washings are therefore necessary, although without exaggerating: rather let us consider a good purifying shampoo to use specifically in those days.

2) The best time to cut hair is after your period.

TRUE. In the first two weeks of the cycle, up to the ovulation, the production of estrogens is at most. This makes the hair soft and shiny and even cutting will be better.

3) Hair shed during the period.

PARTLY TRUE. Iron and minerals deficiency, in the days of the menstrual cycle, especially if the cycle is abundant or combined to stress or tiredness, can weaken hair and increase the loss.

4) Birth control pill can cause hair loss.

PARTLY TRUE. Changes in hormonal balance due to the pill can cause a more noticeable hair loss. The same can happen at the time of suspending the pill; however, in absence of other complications, the situation will naturally settle in few months.