"Electrical" Hair: what to do?

Why winter is the season where you can often have “electrical” hair?


The answer is in the phenomenon that is the basis of electrified hair, namely an imbalance between positive ions and negative ions in your hair.One of the main causes of "electric" hair is the contact and rubbing with synthetic materials: a plastic comb, for instance, but also a hat or a scarf fleece, soft and warm in winter, but also "dangerous" for the balance of our hair!To solve the problem with “electrical” hair, you have to try to eliminate as much as possible the plastic accessories preferring natural and non-synthetic fibers. Even washing has its importance in preventing electrified hair: Always remember to dilute the shampoo with water and to rinse it very well, better with a short final jet of cold water. At the end, you dry gently without rubbing too much (to avoid static electricity) possibly by using an Active Ion hair dryer, at low temperature, that compacts the hair cuticle and strengthens it.