Dry or oil dandruff? A solution by Kérastase

Dandruff is an abnormal desquamation of the scalp, mostly caused by the presence of a yeast (called Malassezia) on the skin surface. It’s usually innocuous but an excessive proliferation can cause an imbalance in the natural process of the skin cell renewal.

Not all types of dandruff are equal: to find the right treatment it’s essential to recognize the difference. The typical symptoms of oil dandruff are itching, irritation and large flakes which partly stick at the scalp because they are held by sedum. Dry dandruff, on the other hand, is characterised by the presence of little and volatile flakes.

The Pistolesi’s Group Hair Stylist, hair salon in central Florence, can suggest, among the range of Kérastase anti-dandruff products, the ones most suitable to solve your problem with dandruff: from the exclusive thickening products designed to activate hair’s thickness also Kérastase’s line HOMME, specific needs for male hairs.