Diet for healthy hair: foods to avoid

After learning what are the foods that are good for hair, now let's see what are the foods that are bad for hair and they are therefore to be avoided as much as possible.Mostly, these are the same foods that are bad for your skin, and consequently to the scalp and the hair. 


·         Alcoholic drinks: excessive alcohol consumption can be one of the causes of hair loss, because alcoholic beverages lead in the long run a zinc deficiency, which, in turn, slows the growth cycle of hair.
·         Foods rich in fat (fried, pre-packaged foods etc.): the excess fats in the diet create stress and irritation to the skin, and therefore also to the scalp.
·         Foods rich in refined sugars (fizzy drinks, industrial sweets, candies…) or with high glycaemic index (White bread, pasta…): an excess of refined sugars can increase the level of androgens in the body. This causes the hair follicle to shrink and the hair grows weaker and thinner.