Coloring hair with henna

We have recently seen Meghan Markle to show off a stunning henna tattoo during her trip in Morocco, in homage to the local culture.

But henna is also a 100% natural dye for hair, made from the dried leaves of a shrub called henna (Lawsonia inermis).
Let's see all you need to know to dye your hair with henna. 

1. First of all, to be sure to obtain a good result, it is better to turn to a professional salon, as Pistolesi Group, hairdressers in central Florence, which will identify the type of henna suitable for your hair. 

2. What is the difference between henna and dye? If chemical dye changes the color of the hair by penetrating under the cuticle to the cortex (where color is formed), henna creates an additional colored layer above the cuticle.