A novel, three women’s stories: “The Braid”

Three women, three faraway stories, drawn together-joint  by the leitmotif of hairs, as the symbol of femininity and redemption: The Braid, the French director Laetitia Colombani’s first novel, has immediately become a best seller.


In a village in India, Smita – who belong to the caste of the untouchable – brushes every day the long hair of her daughter Lalita and dreams of sending her to school: she will find the courage to leave everything to save her daughter from a destiny otherwise already written.
In Palermo, Giulia works in her father’s historic wig workshop, made with real hair, as real as the passion Giulia will put in the attempt to save the company by bankruptcy, after her father’s illness.
In Montreal, Sarah is a lawyer who has sacrificed everything for her career, until the cancer disease breaks into her life: a fragility that the unscrupulous world of law firms cannot forgive…
Three women who will never meet, but whose destinies are interlaced in the courageous fight against prejudice and fears.

The Braid

by Laetitia Colombani
Editrice Nord, 2018